Shanghai is one of the most well known international metropolises in the world and deeply connected with fashion as well. And over the years, there have been more and more investors are attracted coming over to Shanghai and starting their hairdressing and beauty salon business. Below are the points to be aware of if would set up a company for hairdressing and beauty salon.


Ø  The registered capital of the foreign invested hairdressing and beauty salon must be reasonable and uniform as its business size;


Ø  Business scope generally includes cosmetology, hair dressing and skin care, etc;


Ø  Terms of capital injection: 20% of the total registered capital to be paid within 3 months from the issuance of the business license and the balance to be paid within 2 years from the issuance of the business license


Ø  Registered Address: the nature of premises shall be commercial and meets the local business planning and for some other individual areas shall obtain the consent of the local Economical Committee and Community Office;


Ø  Fire Protection: In general, this approval is processed by the construction company which is charge of the decoration, however, the company is allowed to start its business when after obtaining the acceptance of fire protection;


Ø  Hygiene: to start a foreign invested beauty salon and hairdressing business, company must obtain the Public Hygiene License;


The above mentioned license applications must be submitted by having the construction blue prints obtained and its construction is allowed to start off when the relevant government department has no objections with it. And once the construction is finished, a relevant government department will also come for a onsite inspection according to the hygiene requirements, once the inspection is fully passed, a license will be granted.