Foreign-invested Food & Beverage Company

There are 2 types of F&B establishment: first, it can be established as F&B Management Company with F&B store as a branch ( it usually best decision for big scope like chain business scope ). Second, it can be established as direct F&B store (benefits for those investors who are not planning develop chain)


Proposed Company Name (must be approved)


Proposed Business Scope (depend on the final approval of the authority)

    Western-style foodChinese- style food Food & Beverage management etc.


Fire Control: It is usually responsibility of contractor which decorates the space. It can start to operate only after fire control inspection.  


Foreign invested F&B Enterprise should obtain “Hygiene permit for public places” and  F&B service certificate


If F&B Enterprise also sells products it should obtain “Food circulation certificate” or “Alcohol/wholesale certificate”


Business Term


Registered Capital


Registered Address

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