Points To Be Aware Of For the Changes In Registration (Recordal) of Foreign Registered Representative Office

Foreign Registered Representative Offices ”RO”apply for Change in Registration and Recordal with the authority when relevant changes were made to the representative office itself. However, we found there are not that many representative offices are quite clear with “what sort of changes need to be applied for Change in Registration and Recordal”, therefore, please refer the items below for your reference:



ROs shall apply and register (“Change in Registration and Recordal “) for all these relevant changes above within 60 days with the authority when such changes are just made internally by themselves. Otherwise RO is at the risk to be warned (correct this “undeclared” change in a prescribed time limit) and fined (From 10,000 RMB to 30,000RMB) by the authority. Further, RO’s Registration Certificate (verbally known as its “business license”) will be revoked if any corrections still have not been made in time.