1. Potential Market for the Hotel Market in China

2. New Tax/Tariff Policies for Cross Border E-Commerce

3. The Potential Opportunities for Foreign Investor Involving in the Logistics Services


5. Trend for Tax Reformation

6. The Great Potential Market in China for Electric Automobiles

7. The New Administrative Measures for Certification of New and High Technology Enterprises has been Issued

8. The Government Pay Attention to the Online Transactions

9. The Central Government Pushes the Local to Further Delegate Powers

10. A Lesson for the Local Snack Shop

11. Temporarily Restriction for Setting up Financial and Investment Companies

12. Detailed Measures for Discredited Enterprises

13. The Foreign Invested Capital Used in Shanghai Reaches a New High Record

14. China Has Executed and Implemented Fourteen Free Trade Agreements

15. Data and Further Actions for the New Immigration Policies

16. The Great Potential Market for Medical Device in China

17. The Custom Duty will be reduced in Year 2016

18. Online Name Application and Approval at the State Administrative of Industry and Commerce

19. The First JV International Hospital Located in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

20. The Dishonest Person CANNOT Take the Position as the Legal Representative

21. Q&A on Tax Matters after the Tax Certificate Combined into the Business License

22. Random Check on the Quality for Product for online Transaction

23. Shanghai Government Encourage Foreign Investor to Set up R&D Center

24. Wal-Mart Stores Entered Three and Four-Tier City

25. Joint Administration on the Companies Put on the Black List

26. Changes on the Requirement for the Foreign Invested Companies

27. List for the Recent Changes on Pre or Post approval for WOFEs

28. Hot for Investment Overseas

29. Is China Market Still Attractive?

30. Favorable Policies for Financial Leasing Companies in Pudong

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